All candidates who pass an (ISC)² credential examination must complete the endorsement process within a time period of no longer than nine (9) months. Individuals successfully passing their (ISC)2 exam will be notified and permitted to submit an endorsement application. The application must be endorsed and digitally signed by an (ISC)² certified professional. If you do not know an (ISC)² certified professional in good standing, (ISC)² can act as an endorser for you. The (ISC)² certified professional is anyone who:

  • Is able to attest to your professional experience
  • Is an active (ISC)² credential holder in good standing

The endorser will attest that your assertions regarding professional experience are true to the best of the endorser’s knowledge, and that you are in good standing within the cybersecurity industry. You will need the endorser’s member/certification number when filling out the online application.

Once your endorsement application has been approved, the final step in the process is to pay your first Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF) . If you already hold an (ISC)² certification you will not have to pay an additional AMF for your latest certification.

The Online Endorsement Application form is located here and is avaialble after successful login to the (ISC)2 website.