Spring Chapter Meeting Recap

 Phoenix Chapter ISC gathered on May 19 at Burton Barr Central Library for our spring meeiing

Marc Ortega, Chapter President welcomed the members, sponsors and guests wth a "State of the Chapter" presentation that included a presentation of a clock and much thanks to Tim Rawlins, the Chapter President for 2014.  

Tony Blakemoore of Direct Defense spoke about the evolution of Social Engineering.  The continuing growth and increasing popularity of social media helps the bad guys, of course.  And statistics show that the simplest attacks are still very effective.

Andy Jordan from Bishop Fox discussed developing and tesing an effective incident response program.  Every part of your organization needs to participate in order for a program to be truly effective.  That includes marketing, legal, product development, etc as each area has special expertise that can help with necessary actions that go along with a security incident.

Amanda Jenkins and Pat Fowler from Snell & Wilmer discussed recent changes in the legal environment affecting data protection and data security.  Mr. Fowler called our attention to a recent speech by FBI Director James Comey on Privacy.  Director Comey listed these threat actors: Nation States, Multinational Organized Crime, purveryors of ransomware, hacktivists, and terrorists.  Then he discussed the following threats: business email spoofing, ransomware, keysweeper (Windows(R) keystroke logger).  Mr Fowler further discussed the Cyber Information Sharing Act (CISA) that is an expansion of the idea of ISACs: monitor; defend; share information.  Ms. Jenkins then discussed the recent disagreement between the FBI and Apple.  

The speakers were highly rated by those attending.  Thanks to them and to Jon Tripke-Hughes, our VP, Programs for an information afternoon.  

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