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We're counting down to our November 10th meeting, hosted by the IO Phoenix Co-Location Data Center, 615 N 48th St, Phoenix, 85008.  We've got interesting speakers and our hosts are offering a data center tour following the formal presentation part of our program. 

Tina Slankas from the City of Phoenix is going to talk briefly about the Arizona Cyber Awareness Consortium   Consortium members are committed to work together to promote cybersecurity awareness locally and regionally. By working together, Cyber Awareness Consortium Members have the opportunity to:

  • increase business and consumer Cybersecurity awareness,
  • to provide access to resources that reduce Cyber-Attack risks,
  • to create and promote local and regional Cybersecurity career and job opportunities, and
  • to establish Arizona as a Cybersecurity industry leader within the southwest.

Tina will help us understand the opportunities the consortium presents to local cybersecurity professionals to help improve awareness.  

 We're also going to hear two presentations from Direct Defense, a security consulting firm.  

  • Bridging the Gaps: Identifying and Addressing the Gaps That Affect Your Security: As illustrated in well-documented breaches, you can be compliant yet still vulnerable to compromise. Breaches target organizations that struggle with their user security awareness training, have significant gaps in the patch and configuration management processes, and have security solutions running default deployment and configuration settings. This presentation discusses the gaps used to breach security while also discussing remediation strategies that address gaps in physical security, network segmentation, egress filtering, password security, patch and configuration management, log management, social engineering, and browser security.
  • Remove the Snake Oil From Your Security Program.There are many new technologies coming to the security market today.  Some can be intimidating. This presentation will discuss specific technologies, solutions, and strategies that actually work at preventing and/or detecting attacks, all from the attacker’s perspective.

 Remember, November 10, 2016 is the day, 11 am is the special start time.  Our special location: IO Phoenix Co-Location Data Center. 

Important: This is a secure facility.  You must register by November 7. Registration will NOT be accepted at the meeting itself. The number of attendees is limited.  You'll need to bring photo identification with you when you come to the facility.  Be sure and allow time to go through the entrance process.  Hope to see you there.

To register: Sign in to the chapter website https://isc2chapter-phoenix.org/, look in the left navigation rail for Chapter Events, click on the November 10 event link to be taken to the registration page.  Members are not charged for attendance.  


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