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Chapter President

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Marc Ortega

 Marc Ortega has over 30 years of expereince in various areas of Information Technologies and data communications. Marc has been involved in creating and caring for IT departments over these years. Marc spent 15 years in the Manufacturing sector providing security and communications for satellite, extrusion, aerospace, and pharmaceutical companies. Marc was involved in the creation of Distant Learning Centers for the Coast Guard on secure connections to provide training of Coast Guard personnel. Marc was also involved with the creation of "Remote Security Management Center" that was then turned over for patent in 2003. Marc created and maintained the network and servers used for gathering and disseminating network forensic data.

Marc earned his Certified Information Systems Security Profesional certification (CISSP) and has maintained it since 2006.

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Chapter Vice President


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Anthony Dezilva

Anthony has over 20 years of expertise in both IT Infrastructure and Software Development.  In his various roles he has had the pleasure of mentoring and developing team members to excel in their functions and embrace continous development.  He is an Information Security leader working with a variety of multinational companies providing leadership midst crisis.  He is currently at Thunderbird persuing his MBA in Global Management.

Anthony is a Certified Presenter for the (ISC)² Safe and Secure Online® Program, which is a program that partners with ChildNet International and presents to 7-14 year olds on the safe use of the internet.



Charles Esparza

VP of Membership


Bryan Moore

VP of Communications

Glee Cady

Glee Cady

Glee is a writer and technologist who is now a member of the Privacy Team for Intuit, a provider of technical services to small businesses and individuals. Before that she worked in enterprise risk management for financial services firms. She is the co-author (with Pat McGregor) of four books intended to help consumers manage their use of technology. Their digital privacy book was on the reading list for the privacy professional certification course offered by the International Association of Privacy Professionals. By training a journalist, she worked in developing library automation systems, in corporate marketing for a large mainframe computer manufacturer, and then was an early advocate for internetworking. Representing first an Internet service provider and then a privacy software development company, she contributed to the discussions regarding digital information and privacy in the state, federal, and international policy arena. She was a private sector advisor to the Departments of State and Commerce at the OECD and her deposition explaining how the Internet works is quoted in the Reno v. ACLU Supreme Court decision overturning the Communications Decency Act. As a speaker at conferences, in Congressional testimony, and on television, she is particularly known for explaining complex technical systems and concepts to non-technical audiences.

VP of External Relations


David Lewenthal

 David graduated from Louisiana State University and has more than 15 years of experience in Information Technology. As a manager and project leader, David has managed teams in the US, Mexico, and India. He has several certifications focused on networking and security, including the CISSP.

David transitioned into several manager and director roles with various organizations. Many of those roles had security needs in areas such as compliance, physical security, IDS, and encryption. It was ultimately his role at Road Machinery, a heavy equipment Komatsu distributor in the Southwest, that he decided to focus his career on security. That focus and plan is what ultimately brought him to Freeport-McMoRan as the Sr. Security Project Manager. At Freeport, David is responsible for deploying security projects globally for a Fortune 200 company, headquartered in Phoenix, AZ.

VP of Programs


Jon Tripkehughes

Web Site Manager

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Past President

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Joseph Skerly

Senior IT Consultant, Information Security Expert, and Project Manager with years of progressive responsibility managing, delivering and integrating technology solutions to meet the full spectrum of business needs. Creative and motivational leader with a charismatic style and successful track record of analyzing complex business problems and crafting appropriate solutions. A team builder with a substantial record of results in the complex, evolving environments of the Department of Defense (DoD), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), USAF, and Air Force Central Command. Certified expert in Information Security, with the skills and experiences to match.


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