The (ISC)2 Phoenix Chapter follows the (ISC)2 CPE Guideline document which describes the CPE requirements and activities necessary during each year of a member's three-year certification cycle. The CPE requirements ensure that members maintain their (ISC)2 certifications. Chapter Members that register for (ISC)2 Phoenix sponsored events will have CPE submitted to (ISC)2 on their behalf.

CPE credits are earned for experience exceeding that of normal on-the-job training or activities. Typically, education qualifying for CPE credits will be gained outside the workplace. If work is done as part of one's normal job, that activity will not qualify for CPE credits, but any research done in association with that activity can qualify.

CPE Submittals

We submit CPEs to (ISC)2 within 10 business days following an (ISC)2 sponsored event. (ISC)2 updates member profiles with CPE credits within 5 days of being received. Questions or issues related to CPEs being recorded and submitted to (ISC)2 can be directed to

Auditing of CPE Hours

(ISC)² ®'s CPE Auditor performs random audits of CPE credits claimed. If CPE credits you submit appear with the status of 'Audit", they have been flagged for audit and will not be added into your Total CPE Credits until you pass audit. Upon passing audit by (ISC)², they will automatically be added to your record and appear here.

If you are chosen for an audit, you will receive instructions via email regarding the necessary documentation to support your activities. You must respond to this request and provide this information exactly as instructed within 90 days. Your CPE credits will be posted within 30 days of documentation approval.

Record Keeping

You are not required to provide proof of CPE credit activities to (ISC)² upon submission. However, you should retain proof of credits earned for at least 12 months after your previous certification cycle expires.

Proof of CPE credits earned may be in the form of course transcripts, awarded diplomas, certificates or receipts of attendance, research/prep notes for speaking or teaching, copies of official meeting minutes, or rosters or documentation of registration materials. For online courses that do not provide any of the above, a screenshot is sufficient. For book and/or magazine CPE credits, you should retain "proof of possession" such as the book or magazine itself, a sales receipt, invoice, or library record. At a minimum, your proof should include the title and, if a book, the author and ISBN number; or, if a magazine, the publisher. Acceptance of a book review by (ISC)² will also constitute sufficient proof, even in the absence of other proof.

Group A Credits: Domain-Related Activities

Group A credits relate directly to the information systems security profession. Generally, this consists of activities in the areas covered by the specific domains of CISSP. (Domains as of June, 2012)

• Access Control
• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
• Cryptography
• Information Security Governance and Risk Management
• Legal, Regulations, Investigations and Compliance
• Operations Security
• Physical (Environmental) Security
• Security Architecture and Design
• Software Development Security
• Telecommunications and Network Security

Group B Credits: Professional Development/Knowledge Sharing

Group B credits are earned for completion of general professional development activities which enhance your overall professional skills, education, knowledge, or competency outside of the domains associated with the respective certifications While these do not apply directly to the domains, (ISC)²® recognizes these skills are vital in the growth of all professionals and their credentials.

Suggested Categories of General Professional Development Activities

• Management courses
• Interpersonal communications skills
• Interviewing techniques
• Team development skills
• Project planning activities
• Other technical skills not in information security - programming languages and techniques
• Accounting Courses

Based on (ISC)² Continuing Professional Education credits (CPEs) Policies & Guidelines (rev. 5-02-2012)
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